Innovation Income Deduction - IP Café: 3 different dates and locations!

23 September 2019

Deloitte Gi3 Global Investment and Innovation Incentives and De Clercq & Partners are teaming up to organize an afterwork session on R&D incentives with a focus on the Belgian Innovation Income Deduction - IID. With this regime, the government ensures that innovative companies can profit from interesting tax benefits.


What to expect?

Following an introduction on the types of intellectual property (IP) rights that can be invoked for IID, we will outline: 

  • why the IID is interesting for you;
  • what the requirements to get access are;
  • when you should apply;
  • how to create an IP portfolio that optimizes IID advantage. 

This short seminar will update you on the challenges experienced and lessons learned since the IID regime came in place in July 2016.

As an additional topic of high interest for all innovative enterprises, Deloitte’s experts in grant incentives on European and local level will share insights on their strategic funding approach.



  • Intellectual property (IP) rights and IP strategies in view of the Belgian Innovation Income Deduction
  • Best practices to approach the Belgian Innovation Income Deduction
  • Experiences to be shared on the application of the regime
  • Challenges faced during the past three years
  • European and local funding: How to get access

All topics will be presented in an interactive setting and there will be plenty of space for discussions.


For whom?

  • IP Professionals
  • Professionals focusing on tax, finance and R&D within their organization or enterprise


When and where?

You are welcome as of 4.30 pm for the welcoming reception. Presentations will start around 5.00 pm and will conclude at 6.30 pm, after which you can engage in discussions, and network with colleagues in different fields.

This session will be organized three times at three different locations.

  • Monday September 23, 2019
    16h30 - 19h00
    Language: French
    Location: Deloitte / Liège office
    Address: Rue Alfred Deponthière 46, 4431 Loncin (BE)
  • Wednesday September 25, 2019
    16h30 - 19h00
    Language: English
    Location: De Clercq & Partners / head office
    Address: Edgard Gevaertdreef 10a, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem (BE)
  • Thursday September 26, 2019
    16h30 - 19h00
    Language: English
    Location: De Clercq & Partners / Leuven office
    Address: Groenveldstraat 13, 3001 Leuven (BE)



Registration is free of charge but subscription is mandatory. To register, please send an email via this link and include which of three sessions you wish to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there!