Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Our firm has one of Europe’s biggest teams of patent, trademark and design specialists with solid scientific backgrounds and track records in the entire field of biotechnology and life sciences, including among others microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, genomics, proteomics, immunology, antibodies, agricultural, human, plant and veterinary biotech, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, stem cells, cell-based therapies, bioinformatics, analytical biochemistry, diagnostics and food processing. Biotechnology and life sciences continues to represent one of our key practice areas given our historic focus in this area.

Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

Another intense area of practice for our firm is chemistry and pharmaceuticals, including for example organic and inorganic chemistry, industrial chemistry, polymer chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, agrochemistry, pharmacology, catalysts, materials technology and green chemistry. We serve many respected clients in this field and have been benchmarked amongst the best firms in Europe.

Medical Technology and Medical Devices

Over the years our team of specialists have been recognized internationally as trusted experts in the field of medical technologies and devices, including among others catheter technology, stents, orthopaedic instruments.

Mechanics and Engineering

Our firm also practices with high quality in the area of mechanics and engineering, such as for example environmental technologies, renewable energy technologies, electronics, sensing devices, metrology devices, micro-fabrication technology, micro- and nanotechnology biosensors, bioelectronics, micro- and nanofluidics and textiles. We represent small companies but also world leaders in this field.

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