Our electronic platform called IPRMANAGER focuses on mere administrative services related to the filing, the prosecution and the maintenance of trademarks, designs and domain names, either via us directly or through our network of partners, in a growing number of countries.

IPRMANAGER is an electronic platform enabling owners of intellectual property rights and their attorneys to manage such rights and to secure mere administrative tasks related to the filing, the prosecution and the maintenance of such rights themselves.

Read through these pages and logon to the platform to discover its convenience and its potential value to you and to your company.

The electronic platform is user protected and by logging on you will be asked to enter your personal login name and password. On a first time access, you may request a password by identifying yourself and completing the questions. Your private password will be then transmitted by email, usually within less than one (1) hour.

Logging on to the electronic platform visualizes a table listing your trademarks, designs and domain names as well as your trademark availability searches and watches. The cases are ordered by date of forthcoming actions enabling you to identify in a very convenient manner those cases requiring your (early) action or instructions. Indeed, you may either secure a forthcoming action yourself and update the corresponding case or instruct IPRMANAGER (and thus us) to proceed and execute the next action against the estimated costs by simply ticking the case(s).

At a first time access to the electronic platform, the table of cases is empty of course, unless you prior to your access instructed us to upload your intellectual property rights and other cases for you.

Please contact us for an estimation of costs for consolidating your portfolio on our electronic platform. You may also conveniently add new cases to your portfolio yourself either one by one or in bulk using a specific spreadsheet template.

Select the right IPR Type, the correct country, territory or register and the appropriate next action (e.g. File Application, Renew Registration, TM Watch, 4th Annuity, ... ) and encode all other relevant information including the forthcoming due date. Our IPRMANAGER electronic system will then remind you by email of the forthcoming due dates and next actions within the time periods you identified in your account details.

Try it out here, it is fairly simple. You may also ask us ( for a temporary test account to familiarize yourself with the electronic platform, its convenience and, more importantly, its potential value (in terms of savings) for you and your company.

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