Obtain trademark protection

Trademark protection is acquired through application and registration in respect of goods and/or services of interest and within one or more countries. Usually, the applicant seeks trademark protection in his country (or jurisdiction) of origin and then extends protection either through the Madrid System (International trademark registrations) and/or through national filings claiming priority from a first filing or not.

You can order your trademark protection by logging onto our electronic platform IPRManager, adding a new Case “TM” identifying the trademark, the number of Classes, the goods and/or services for which trademark protection is desired, the applicant, the country where protection is desired, and the Case’s Next Action. The Case’s Next Action may be “File Application” (by default for the Case Type “TM”) or “File Application with Priority” in which Case the details of the priority application must be provided. The platform returns a quote corresponding to the captioned specification whereupon you may confirm your instructions.

You can either choose to file national trademark applications (including of course the European Union trademarks) or International Registration pursuant to the Madrid System or a combination of both. For an International Registration, create a "TM" Case for each designated country, select the "TM" cases and thick the instruction button. The cases belonging to an International Registration are gathered together by their identical reference and registration number. It is as simple as that.

Applicants may also choose to file directly with the administration in their country (or jurisdiction) of origin but often need local representation for national filings in other countries worldwide. We provide a network of qualified and carefully selected local representatives for such foreign filings against highly competitive fees. We also provide facilities for the administration of complex portfolios to the extent that our platform is advantageous even for local filings in the applicant’s home country.

Alternatively you can also request us by email ( or by phone to attend to your trademark questions or filings. We can advise you on any aspect of trademark protection to help you make the right choices when developing your products or services based on our very long expertise in this sector. Further we advise you what actions can be taken on the basis of your obtained rights in case of imitations of your brand names or logos. Please contact us for any questions regarding your trademarks on

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