Trademark renewal

Apart from a few exceptions, trademark registration is acquired for an initial period of ten (10) years and trademark registrations may be renewed for subsequent periods of ten (10) years by filing a renewal application and paying the corresponding renewal fees.

Trademark owners or their attorneys may file a renewal application directly with the administration in their home country (or jurisdiction) but they often need local representation for filings and renewals in other countries worldwide. We provide a network of qualified and carefully selected local representatives for such foreign filings and renewal applications against highly competitive fees.

Also, we provide facilities for the administration of complex portfolios to the extent that our electronic platform is advantageous even for local renewal applications in the owner’s home country.

You can order your trademark renewal here by simply ticking the instructions against a given Case in our electronic IPRManager system.

You can also add new "TM" Cases specifying the trademark, application and registration number and date, the number of Classes, the goods and/or services for which the trademark is registered, the registered owner, the country of registration, and “Renewal” as the Case’s "Next Action". The platform returns a quote corresponding to the captioned instructions whereupon you may confirm your renewal instructions by selecting the Case and ticking the instruction button.

You can renew national trademark registrations (including of course European Union trademarks), International Registration pursuant to the Madrid System or combinations of both. For International Registrations, you select the "TM" Cases corresponding to the designations and thick the instruction button. The Cases belonging to the same International Registration are grouped by their identical reference and registration number, and the basic fees for the International Registration will automatically be added to the fees for first designation. It is as simple as that.

You can also add (or ask our firm to add) all your trademark applications and registrations to your electronic portfolio and use our electronic platform IPRMANAGER to administer all your intellectual property rights, to determine budget for next years’ renewals, to gather a copy of all your registration certificates in one place, etc ...

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