AIPPI World Congress

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14 October 2020
09h00 - 19h00

This year there will be no busy conference centre, back to back meetings or fancy receptions at extraordinary locations. Due to the pandemic, this year's AIPPI World Congress is going virtual!

From October 5 untill October 14, the AIPPI organization is hosting their annual congress through their online platform. Although we will not be able to connect with our colleagues in person, this year's programme is no less busy. Every day of the conference is filled with interesting seminars, panel sessions and opportunities to network.

And what's more, our very own Ann De Clercq will be speaking at the conference on the topic of Anti-Microbial Research: Incentives for Drug Development. Together with Mr. Takeshi Komatani, Mr. Jürgen Meier, Mr. Graeme Boocock and Mrs. Michele Wales, she was selected to feature in the panel on October 8.

More information and registration is available on the AIPPI website. Registration is free of charge for AIPPI members.

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