From small and medium-sized to large organisations

Our clients are small, medium-sized or large organisations, ranging from SMEs, Universities and Research Institutes to Multinationals. Our expertise, flexibility and resources allow us to rapidly commit to any size of project, from consultancy to complete portfolio management.


We also serve ‘start-ups’: small, innovative companies whose main asset is their Intellectual Property. Besides providing the normal range of Intellectual Property services, we advise start-ups on ways to manage and exploit their Intellectual Property portfolio.

Foreign associates worldwide

We cooperate with a wide network of foreign associates from all around the world. Our services to our foreign associates include:

  • Filing and prosecuting European (EPC), international (PCT), Belgian (BE) and Dutch (NL) patent applications
  • Filing and prosecuting Benelux, European Union and International trademarks and designs
  • Acting in various procedures such as oppositions and appeals before the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • Acting as patent, trademark and design experts in invalidity and infringement procedures before the Belgian and Dutch national courts
  • Validating granted European patents in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Advising on matters relating to European, Belgian and Dutch patent law as well as trademark law, design law and domain names.


We further serve investors - both private and institutional - seeking advice on the value of Intellectual Property portfolios or an opinion regarding an investment opportunity (due diligence). Our professionals combine high level scientific knowledge and training, industrial backgrounds with qualifications as patent attorneys or as trainee patent attorneys and as trademark and design attorneys, enabling them to undertake a thorough analysis of an Intellectual Property portfolio and appreciate its value in the marketplace.