Patent Prosecution

  • Filing, prosecution and administration of European, PCT and National Patents and Patent Applications
  • European Opposition and Appeal Procedures
  • National Nullity and Cancellation Procedures
  • Direct representation in Europe and Belgium
  • Indirect representation in all other countries via our network of associates

Patent Litigation

  • National Patent Infringement and Validity Procedures in Belgium and other countries in Europe
  • Representation of our clients before civil courts in Intellectual Property Matters in Europe in assistance to national lawyers
  • Representation of our clients in assistance of foreign lawyers in non-European litigation
  • Acting as experts before national courts in Belgium, and in Belgian seizure proceedings ("Saisie descriptive") as well
  • General advice regarding infringement or nullity issues

Patent Opinions

  • Regarding patentability of inventions
  • Regarding Freedom-to-Operate
  • Regarding infringement of Patent Rights, particularly in Belgium
  • Regarding validity of Patents, particularly in Belgium
  • Patent Landscaping


  • Conducting licensing negotiations
  • Preparation and drafting of licensing agreements

Due Diligence

  •  Checking status, portfolio overview, validity and owership of third party Intellectual Property positions in framework of due diligence studies

Patent Status Checks and Searches

  • On-line status checks of Intellectual Property Rights and analysis of status info, particularly in Europe and Belgium
  • Patent and literature prior art searches
  • Monitoring of third party patents and applications

Patent Renewal, Translation, Transfer and Licence registrations

  • Administration of European, Belgian, Dutch and other National  Patent and Patent Application annuities
  • Translation services for patent documents for validations and other aims. Our team of attorneys and advisers are multi-lingual.
  • Registering any transfer of rights in relation to your patents or applications
  • Registrations of any licences on your patent pplications and patents

Network of Associates

  • Our direct services in general and legal advice in IP matters are expanded by our network of European and Foreign Experts in this field.

Advice on deduction on tax for patent income for Belgium

  • Our patent attorneys and financial advisers can inform you under which circumstances you are elegible for this type of tax deduction

Patent validations

  • Direct validations of granted European patents in Belgium and The Netherlands via our team of experienced paralegals and Belgian and Dutch patent attorneys
  • Indirect validations of granted European patents in other countries via our network of associates

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