01 March 2023

Een nieuw rechtssysteem voor Europese octrooien: op 1 maart gaat de zon op!

Misschien heeft u hier reeds over gehoord. Er is een nieuw gerechtshof dat binnenkort opent in Europa en dat erin gespecialiseerd zal zijn om geschillen over inbreuk op en geldigheid van octrooien sneller en kostenefficiënter te behandelen. Dit gerechtshof wordt het "Unified Patent Court", kortweg “UPC” genoemd, en zal in werking treden op 1 juni 2023.

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24 February 2023

EPO Insight Report: Patent filings go quantum as computing power takes giant leap

The EPO has published its second patent insight report on quantum computing which contains an overview of trends in quantum computing at large and in particular sub-sectors.

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21 February 2023

Germany ratifies Agreement on a UPC

Last Friday, Germany has ratified the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court. This final step marks the successful completion of the necessary ratification procedures by the participating EU member states for the Unitary Patent Package to become effective for currently 17 states.

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20 February 2023

EPO official fees increasing only one year after the previous raise

The Official Journal of the European Patent Office (EPO) published that the official fees for European patent applications will be increasing on April 1, 2023.

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16 February 2023

Fantastic Forty: Moldova invited to join European Patent Convention

At its 173rd meeting on 13 December 2022, the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation decided to extend an invitation to accede to the European Patent Convention (EPC) to the Republic of Moldova, that could make the complement of EPC contracting states 40 strong.

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14 February 2023

De Clercq & Partners welcomes Filip Van Lysebetten!

We are very happy to once again welcome some fresh blood to our team: yesterday Filip Van Lysebetten joined our Patent Department as a Patent Adviser and a trainee Patent Attorney.

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a tailored and personalized approach to intellectual property protection

Securing an optimal intellectual property strategy is a challenging task. There are a variety of technologies and commercial ambitions that require different approaches. At De Clercq & Partners, we understand the legal complexities of intellectual property laws and their impact on the protection of different technologies.

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Our team

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At De Clercq & Partners, every adviser and attorney on our team has an extensive scientific background in one or more of the areas of science all presenting at Ph.D or Engineer levels. This allows us to understand client inventions in the most intricate detail including anticipating their future developments, enabling us to optimize protection for these inventions. Further to this, De Clercq & Partners aims to deliver the optimal intellectual property environment in which clients are able to pursue and realise their ambitions.

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