De Clercq & Partners named by IAM in golden rank for Belgian patent prosecution firms

De Clercq & Partners named by IAM in golden rank for Belgian patent prosecution firms

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05 July 2022

Last week, IAM published their latest edition of the renowned IAM Patent 1000 Guide. De Clercq & Partners is very proud to announce that we have been named in the highest rank (Gold) for Belgian patent prosecution firms.

Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) identifies and profiles leading private practice patent professionals and firms in the world’s key jurisdictions. The list is based on interviews with hundreds of lawyers and attorneys in the field, as well as their clients.

IAM mentions that “when it comes to pharmaceutical and biotech patents, De Clercq & Partners is the leading firm in the country and has an exceptionally strong team of experts calling the shots.” Also the kind words of one interviewee were highlighted: “We are extremely happy with the input of the firm’s professionals and warmly recommend them for their ability to think strategically and outside-of-the-box, and propose commercially viable solutions.”

IAM also singled out some of our patent attorneys as (highly) recommended: “The beating heart of the practice is Ann De Clercq, who has hand crafted a solid team around her. With vast experience in the biomedical sphere, Liesbet Paemen is timely, insightful and practical. Her knowledge of European biotech patent prosecution and breadth of experience are unrivalled, as is her ability to work with technically complicated subject matter. Koen Vanhalst and Andrej Michalík join her in the biotechnology sphere. Koen’s strength is his clarity; he distils very complex subject matter into very clear lines of argument, and the longevity of his client relationships is testament to his excellence. Andrej has an exceptionally bright mind. He is capable of grasping complicated science quickly and interacts positively with internal research teams. He gets to the core of the data, recognises opportunity and understands how to turn it into a successful patent claim.

For those in the field of plant variety rights, Caroline Hennin is the name to note: “I am always confident in the success of her work and would suggest her for any brief.”, tells one of the interviewees. Chemist Sakina Bounaga is extremely efficient, a brilliant practitioner and always produces excellent results. The team also has a cracking track record outside of the life sciences, with mechanical engineer Jeffrey Gyi paving the way: Jeff is highly accommodating, precise, dependable and super smart. He swiftly grasps the nuances of new inventions in highly specialised sectors, advises effectively and provides a clear plan of action in the event of a dispute.”

Take a look at the full lists with our (highly) recommended patent attorneys:

Congratulations to our whole patent team for yet again a well-deserved recognition and also a warm thanks to all our clients and colleagues for the support and of course we are very grateful to IAM Patent 1000!

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