December 2015 Newsletter released

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24 November 2015

We are pleased to bring you the latest edition of our Newsletter written by our professionals to bring you up to date with important topics in Intellectual Property.

In this issue we report on developments in the area of human embryonic stem cell patenting with the CJEU decision on parthenotes, and on the decision from the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal on the Tomatoes II and Broccoli II plant cases. The recent ruling by the CJEU in the Seattle Genetics case on SPCs is discussed, and we give a European Biotech perspective on the new USPTO guidance in light of the Myriad, Prometheus and Alice decisions. In the field of software inventions, we review the latest edition of the EPO Examiner’s Guidelines and also report on a new “fallacy” for the assessment of inventive step. Our Trademark and Design professionals offer some sound advice to those choosing a name for their company.

You can read these and other articles either online via this link or by downloading a PDF booklet via this link (2.27Mb).

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Thank you for taking the time to read our Newsletter!

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