The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court

Renewal fees

How does the Renewal Fee Calculator work?

We have developed an intuitive Renewal Fee Calculator of post-grant renewal fee costs for Unitary Patent (+ individual validations in non-UP EPC countries) vs. individual validations without using the UP.  Just enter the filing and grant dates of your patent and select the countries in which protection is desired. Keep in mind that a choice for UP means that you have to continue paying the full UP renewal fee even if you later lose interest some of the UP countries.

The RF Calculator only presents renewal fee costs, not costs for the UP request and for patent validations. The renewal fee costs include the current official fee amounts in EUR, as well as formality fees. The calculator is intended to provide you with an informative view of the expected costs, but the eventual costs may differ due to official and formality fee changes, currency exchange rate changes, etc.

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