The patent attorneys in our Engineering team are specialists with knowledge that covers a variety of technologies, enabling a seamless service. We work as a team together, or in conjunction with the firm’s other experts at the interfaces with engineering and life sciences, chemistry and pharma. A combination of PhD degrees at leading universities, academic experience, hands-on experience within industry-leading companies, and extensive patent expertise, equips our Engineering team with the tools to solve even the most challenging problems.  

Our Engineering Team handles cases in a variety of different sectors under the Engineering umbrella including digital communication, telecoms, medical technology, computer technology, artificial intelligence, software, IT, ICT, electronics, electrical machinery, automation, energy, sensors, batteries, Automotive technology, aviation, space technology and materials,  manufacturing, textiles and machinery. 

We have a long-standing working relationship with a great number of major players in the Engineering sector, as well as with smaller SME’s and research institutes and universities. You can benefit from our experience in this specialized technology field.  

In the field of Engineering, the EPO has imposed a number of additional limitations on patentability of inventions such as software inventions (including AI) and medical applications. 

In the development of inventions either for Engineering, the issue of scope of the claim is often of major importance for the value of the patent and at the same time an issue of debate within the national patent offices. It is important to draft patent applications which contain the necessary basis to ensure appropriate protection, with the focus on arriving at a claim scope which is valuable and enforceable. 

To optimize the scope of patent protection, it is necessary to consider all aspects of the invention and carefully consider the patent drafting strategy in view of the availability of data. Our patent attorneys will work closely with the inventors or management to identify the invention itself, the minimum protection which is wanted, and guide the inventors in the process of extending the current scope of protection to a broader protection by envisaging work around options which may be included during the patent drafting process. 

Our high level of expertise in the different specific fields of Engineering ensures that these issues are taken into account the first moment that the invention is considered in order to properly draft priority documents. 

We have an extensive team of patent attorneys and advisers who have an in-depth experience. We advise our clients on the acceptable scope of Engineering claims and the best strategy for protection within the present legal frameworks. Our patent attorneys and advisers rendering services in this field all have strong scientific backgrounds and are closely involved in monitoring the evolution of the case law in Engineering, Materials and Tech. 

Our Engineering team has been recognized Internationally, acclaimed for

  • “being able to grasp the technical aspects in order to draft accurate and high-quality patent applications that guarantee a positive outcome”
  • “having total understanding of client needs and working hard to meet these through clear strategies and well-structured communication”

- IAM Patent 1000

Our firm was awarded Patent Attorney Firm of the Year in Belgium' at the Global IP Awards in 2023Belgian Prosecution Firm of the Year 2023” at the Managing IP Awards and the ‘Best IP Firms for Patent Prosecution” category Leading by Leaders League in 2023. Our awards are in no small part down to the contribution of experience, creativity and diligence by our Engineering team. 

Our team is very skilled in helping clients specialized in software and artificial intelligence inventions which represents an expanding and important technological field that has a direct impact on goods and services provided to consumers, businesses and developers. They cover many fields including Artificial Intelligence, Internet-implemented technologies, gamification, computer simulation, communication platforms, embedded systems, image and signal processing, and medical diagnostics. We have vast experience of software patent drafting and prosecution, and benefit from expert legal knowledge in software case law and infringement issues. In all the above fields, we work closely with innovators in industry, leading research institutes and universities. Our expertise is reflected in our portfolio of clients, which includes well-known national and international companies operating in these fields. 

Our team consists of multiple reputed patent attorneys with extensive experience of EPO opposition and appeal procedure work.  The emphasis is on staying at the forefront of legal developments, actively seeking feedback and engaging in debate during team meetings to develop innovative strategies for drafting, prosecution, and litigation. The goal is to maintain the best possible a reputation by providing reliable, structured, and relevant advice to clients. 

Furthermore, we place importance on building strong relationships with clients. This is achieved by fostering trust through open communication and consistently delivering actions that align with the clients' needs and expectations. 

Additionally, we take a comprehensive approach to intellectual property (IP) matters. Patent specialists collaborate closely with the design, trademark and transactions teams to provide clients with a complete IP service, addressing various aspects of intellectual property protection and management. 

Overall, the focus is on delivering high-quality legal services while prioritizing client relationships and staying up to date with the latest developments in the legal field.

Key Contacts

Robrecht Dumarey

Robrecht Dumarey

Belgian Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
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Pieter Gregoir

Pieter Gregoir, DPhil

Belgian Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
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Jeffrey (Jeff) Gyi

Jeffrey (Jeff) Gyi, PhD

European Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
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ir. David Lesthaeghe

ir. David Lesthaeghe, PhD

European Patent Litigator, Belgian Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney
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Jacek Kepa

Jacek Kepa, PhD

European Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
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Evi Van Ballaer

Evi Van Ballaer

Belgian Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
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Anne-lore Bex

Anne-lore Bex

Patent Adviser
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