Jeff Gyi and Andrej Michalík in IP Workshop at Knowledge for Growth

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26 May 2016

Are you going to Knowledge for Growth 2016 in Ghent on May 26, 2016? You are welcome to join Jeff Gyi and Andrej Michalík who will give an IP workshop on Patenting Medical Devices and Software.

Innovations in medical technologies such as surgical tools, implants, diagnostic kits/devices, sensors, monitoring equipment, etc. represent the single largest technology field for EPO patent filings. Very often these medtech inventions have a substantial software component, certainly in today’s connected medical environment, increasing the complexity of filing a patent.

As IP professionals rise to meet the challenges of stricter examination and European patenting exclusions, this workshop will offer practical tips and advice, tackling both the topics of medical devices and IT, also touching upon their interconnectivity. What are the exclusions in Europe and the US? How can they be overcome?

With plentiful examples and illustrations, anyone with an interest in protecting medical technologies - devices, methods or software - should attend.

Check out the full programme and register for this workshop on the Knowledge for Growth website.

Speakers: Jeff Gyi & Andrej Michalík
When: 12h15, 26 May, 2016
Where: Baekeland Breakout Room III (2nd floor), ICC, Ghent.

You can also meet De Clercq & Partners at Booth 58 on the venue floor.

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