Looking back on another successful IP seminar!

Looking back on another successful IP seminar!

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02 December 2019

Another year has flown by and that also means the time has come for another edition of our annual IP seminar. Last Friday November 29th, we welcomed about 90 registrants to discuss the hottest topics in Intellectual Property.

The day's programme consisted of a number of insightful presentations on the subject of Trade Secrets, SPC decisions, patenting Antibodies, Software and AI, challenges in navigating the US Patent Office and many more.

Of course we also reserved a bit of time for networking so our participants from all sides of the IP industry could continue the discussions sparked by these thought-provoking talks over food and drinks.

This year's edition was an undeniable success and we have our fantastic cast of speakers to thank for that. That is why we would like to explicitly thank Dan Morath, Mike Snodin, Paul Maeyaert, Philippe de Jong, Philippe Campolini, Leonor Galvão, Brian Kingwell, Evgeniya Gizatullina, Gilbert Voortmans, Andrej MichalíkLiesbet Paemen, Jeff Gyi and David Lesthaeghe for sharing their IP wisdom with us.

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