Meet De Clercq & Partners at AIPPI Istanbul 2023: Discussing the Latest European IP Developments with Our Experts

Meet De Clercq & Partners at AIPPI Istanbul 2023: Discussing the Latest European IP Developments with Our Experts

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21 August 2023

Get ready to join the conversation on the cutting edge of intellectual property at AIPPI Istanbul 2023 from October 22nd to 25th. De Clercq & Partners is excited to showcase its expert delegation, ready to dive deep into the most recent IP developments in Europe. Our team of esteemed professionals is prepared to engage in enlightening discussions and shape the future of intellectual property.

Meet Our Patent Delegation:

  • Ann De Clercq: As the Founding Partner, European & Belgian Patent Attorney, and European Patent Litigator, Ann De Clercq brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her expertise is pivotal in understanding and navigating the intricate landscape of patent law.
  • Liesbet Paemen: Liesbet Paemen, a Partner at De Clercq & Partners, holds the titles of European Patent Attorney and European Patent Litigator. Her insights into patent matters are invaluable for anyone seeking comprehensive guidance.
  • Sakina Bounaga: With a role as Partner and distinctions of being a European Patent Attorney and European Patent Litigator, Sakina Bounaga adds a dynamic perspective to the team. Her understanding of patent intricacies is a true asset.
  • Koen Vanhalst: Koen Vanhalst, Partner and European & Belgian Patent Attorney as well as European Patent Litigator, contributes to the delegation's comprehensive approach to patent-related discussions.

Meet Our Trademark Delegation:

  • Joost Muylle: A Partner specializing in Trademark & Design Law, Joost Muylle's wealth of experience in the field provides a robust foundation for discussing the nuances of trademark matters.
  • Tom Liessens: Tom Liessens, a dedicated Trademark & Design Attorney, brings a focused perspective to the delegation, offering insights into the intricacies of trademark law.
  • Nathalie Gailliaert: As a Trademark & Design Attorney Trainee, Nathalie Gailliaert demonstrates a dedication to learning and contributing to the realm of intellectual property.

Connect With Us: Are you interested in engaging with our team members to delve into the future of IP? Schedule a meeting with us by reaching out to Let's seize this opportunity to collectively shape the landscape of intellectual property.

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