Renewal tariffs considerably more beneficial as from March 23, 2016

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11 January 2016

Following the entry into force on March 23, 2016 of the new Regulation on the European Union trademark (formerly known as the Community trademark), the official fees and therefore also our tariffs for the filing and the renewal of such EU trademarks will drop significantly.  

As of March 23, 2016, an electronic renewal of an EU trademark in one class shall, according to our new tariffs, amount to 1,050 EUR instead of 1,550 EUR. The renewal of an EU trademark in two classes shall entail an additional cost of 75 EUR and each additional class as from the third class shall entrain an additional cost of 175 EUR.

As a consequence, as of the entry into force of the new Regulation, the renewal of an EU trademark will be considerably less expensive than before, as indicated below by way of example. Therefore, we believe it to be appropriate to postpone the renewal of your EU trademark registrations until after March 23, 2016, insofar as the renewal due date of your EU trademark falls after March 23, 2016.

Your Benefit (Old vs New tariff)

Should you be interested in renewing your trademarks through our firm against these highly competitive tariffs, or should you wish to receive our professional assistance and advice with regard to your intellectual property rights, please do not hesitate to contact one of our qualified European attorneys. We would be delighted to welcome you at our offices.

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